Tarot Card Success - Tarot Reading

Master your Psychic Ability and become an expert at Tarot Reading for personal guidance or extra income

Discover how to give an accurate Tarot reading to find the path to love, your perfect career and the best way to increase your income by learning how to read tarot like a professional.

By taking this tarot course you will learn to read like a professional tarot reader, giving accurate psychic readings while discovering your own spiritual path to success.

By studying the tarot card meanings from this psychic development course, you can help others discover their destiny and make important decisions to improve their lives.

By the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Confidently give accurate psychic readings using these ancient divination cards
  • Use the tarot to improve your love life
  • Use the tarot to improve your business, career and finances
  • Discover the answer to quick questions and do more detailed readings for up to 1 hour
  • Identify what spiritual lessons you need to master to rapidly improve your life
  • Know how to consult the tarot to heal any challenge in your life

This tarot course includes a full interpretation of Tarot Card Meanings including the Major and Minor Arcana, tarot card readings for General, Love and Business, dozens of sample readings to rapidly improve your understanding of the tarot, the different spreads to use for different purposes, the best techniques to get the most accurate psychic readings and how to psychically protect yourself while giving readings

You will have full access to private Facebook page where you can build up your confidence by practicing with other students from the course and the course will be updated regularly with the latest tips and techniques to enhance your psychic readings.

So enroll now and change your destiny by learning to give tarot readings like a professional.

Introduction-Overview of the Course
How the Tarot Can Improve Your Life
Best Way to Use This Course For Best Results
How to Join the Facebook Group
The Scary Cards!
Key Words and Terms
Quiz Yourself on Key Terms!
Reversed Cards
Psychic Protection
Quiz Yourself on Psychic Protection
Ethics and Tarot Reading
Blockages- What if my readings aren't accurate?
Clearing the Deck
Journaling: Improve the Accuracy of your Readings with Journaling
Using the Minor Arcana
Astrology and the Minor Arcana- The Suits
4 Steps to card interpretation in this course
Basic 3 card spread for beginners
Introducing the Wands!
Discover the Ace to 5 of Wands
Discover the 6-10 of Wands
Samples of Wands readings
Your Practice- Ace to 10 of Wands
Quiz Yourself on The Ace to 10 of Wands
Introducing the Cups
Ace to 5 of Cups
6 to 10 of Cups
Practice Samples of Cups readings
Your Practice time for Cups
Introduction to the swords suit
Ace to 5 of Swords
6 to 10 of Swords
Samples of Sword Readings
Your Practice Time- Swords
Quiz Yourself on The Ace to 10 of Swords
Introduction to the Pectacles
Ace to 5 of Pentacles
Six to 10 of Pentacles
Samples of the Pentacles
Your Practice Time- Pents
Introduction to the Major Arcana
Astrology and The Major Arcana
Card 0-2: The Fool to The High Priestess
Card 3-5: The Empress to The Heirophant
Card 6-8: The Lovers to the Strength
Card 9-10: The Hermit to Wheel of Fortune
Your Practice time for Cards 0-10: The Fool to Wheel of Fortune
Quiz Time for Fool to The Wheel
Card 11-13: Justice to Death
Card 14-16: Temperance to The Tower
Card17 to 19: The Star to The Sun
Card 20-21: Judgement to The World
Your Practice time for cards 11-21 Justice to the World
Quiz Time for Justice to The World
Introducing The Court Cards
The Wands Court Cards
The Cups Court Cards
The Swords Court Cards
The Pentacles Court Cards
Your Practice Time for the Court Cards
Quiz Time for Court Cards
1 Card Spread
Multiple choice spreads
Your Practice Time with Multiple Choice Spread
Horseshoe Spread
Sample Readings of Horseshoe Spread
Your Practice Time with Horseshoe spread
Celtic Cross Spread
Samples of the Celtic Cross
Your Practice time with the Celtic Cross
Getting the most out of your tarot Practice
Different Types of Tarot Decks Reviewed For You
How to Access Your Certificate Of Completion
How to find the best Tarot Decks

What's included

  • 58 Video Lessons
  • 19 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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